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Location Henderson, United States

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Practice areas Criminal defense attorney, DUI attorney, DWI attorney, Domestic violence attorney, Burglary attorney, Drug possession attorney
More about me 218 Lead St Henderson Nevada 89015 United States
(702) 565-0473

If you have been charged with a crime in Henderson, NV, you will need a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and work hard to get your charges dropped or dismissed.

Our Law Office has been serving the Nevada community for over 35 years. We've represented clintes in the areas of burglary, robbery, drug possession, domestic violence, and DUI.

John received his undergraduate degree in 1975 from Syracuse University in New York, he earned his law degree from Syracuse University College of Law in 1978. He relocated to Henderson, NV shortly thereafter and became the City Attorney of Henderson.

He advised elected officials, board members and commissioners in all civil litigation pertaining to the City of Henderson.

The most important responsibility of John F. Marchiano as City Attorney was to represent the City in lawsuits, contractual matters, and ultimately to protect the legal interests of the city of Henderson during his tenure in service.


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