Johana M. Gomez

Location Chicago, IL, United States

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Practice areas Strategic Consultant to Foreign Lawyers Pursuing Masters of Law in the U.S.
Memberships Illinois Bar, Colombian Bar
Interests Travel, Literature, Music, Photography, Wine and film.
Wants To act as a resource for international attorneys seeking to get an LLM/JD in the U.S.
Haves A company created with the sole purpose of helping international attorneys make the most out of their LLM/JD experience in the U.S.
More about me As a Colombian attorney who came to the U.S. to get a graduate degree in law (and ended up getting a JD at Northwestern), I understand the challenges foreign attorneys must face as they course advanced legal studies in the U.S.

Many of us embark on the experience confident that our previous training will be all we need to excel. (That, and the fact that many of us are successful lawyers in our home countries). However, this rarely turns out to be the case, particularly for lawyers trained in Civil Law (due to the differences in systems and legal culture), who end up wasting a substantial amount of time during their programs trying to figure out how to navigate the experience.

After having mentored a number of incoming international students informally (both for LLM and JD programs), I realized that a more formal approach was needed and that having gone through the process my viewpoint could be of great help.

As a result, I decided to follow my passion and create LL.M Studio, a resource for foreign attorneys seeking to follow a similar path.

If you are one of such lawyers and would like to know more details, please visit our website @


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