Dr. Joao Verdades Dos Santos, MA

Location Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Practice areas International Insurance and Risk Management, International and Cross Border Business, Fiduciaries, Legal Engineering, International Tax Planning, International Financial Markets, Wealth Management. European Union Law. Portuguese Civil, Corporate and Business Law. Social Media and Business Networking.
Memberships Barreau de Luxembourg, Ordem dos Advogados de Portugal, IBA - International Bar Association, ICSA -Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, IACCM - The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, PMI - Project Management Institute
Interests Trusts, Fiduciaries, Corporate services providers, International tax planning, Private banking, Wealth management, Investment banking, Funds, Hedge funds and alternative investments, International finance markets, M&A, Private equity, Venture capital, Cross border business, International trade, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, EU Law, Public affairs and lobbying, Economical and business diplomacy, Human rights, Citizenship, Social work, Ngo´s, Web 2.0, Social media and business networking
Wants Share knowledge and network with colleagues from other jurisdiction on a professional cooperation level.
Haves Expertise in Luxembourg, Portuguese and EU Law
More about me Check my Linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/jmvsantos


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