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Practice areas DUI Attorney Evansville Indiana, Traffic Ticket Attorney, Criminal Defense Lawyer Indiana, Drunk Driving Attorney, Divorce lawyers, Evansville Family law Attorney
Memberships Indiana Bar Association, Evansville Bar Association
More about me I am an Attorney with 25 years of experience who was born and raised in Evansville. If you decide to hire me, I answer my own phone, and preform my work. What you see is what you get. I have extensive experience in criminal law. For six years I was a public defender in Chicago. For one year, I was a prosecutor in Evansville. I have substantial experience in both family law and business litigation. I agree with those who claim that an experienced lawyer is better than an unexperienced lawyer. In addition, I believe that a good relationship with my clients is necessary for me to understand my clients’ background and their goals. More importantly, I must listen to what my clients say to me by their body language and their unspoken desires. This is especially true in Family Law cases. I work with clients to find the big picture and to define clients’ long term goals so that my work is always pointed in that direction. I am a supportive voice of reason at a time when some clients feel “their world falling apart.” I always try to put myself in my client’s shoes to better understand and empathize with my clients. I never promise what I can’t guarantee. I am not a cheerleader. I assume that my clients pay their hard earned money to hire a lawyer who will honestly advise them. Given my wealth of experience as a lawyer and as a person, I give my clients objective fact and research based opinions. I always try to see and to help my clients see “the forest through the trees.” I treat my clients and their legal issues with the same compassion I would want. For example, today at the end of his case said: “Thanks Jay for everything you did. You are an excellent lawyer and even a better person.” Hard work, intelligence and a good education can make a lawyer a good lawyer. I, however, cannot pretend to be a good person. For that, it takes a lifetime of experiences, success, and failures. Candidly, I learn much more from my human failings than from my fleeting moments of success. I hope that I can share what I have learned professionally and personally to help my clients achieve their goals, both legally and personally.


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