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Location Peabody, United States

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Practice areas Family Law, Divorce Law, Law Firm, Bankruptcy Law Firm
Interests Divorce Lawyer, Divorce Law Firm, Family Law Firm, Family Law, Divorce Law, Law Firm, Bankruptcy Law Firm
More about me Attorney Matalas has been practicing law in Massachusetts since 2013. A graduate of Suffolk Law, Jason has a varied legal background which includes estate planning, consumer protection litigation, and employment law.

Since opening this office, Jason has focused on Family Law matters and bankruptcy.

He handles both high-conflict and uncontested divorce actions as well as modifications of child support and maintenance/alimony, disputed parenting matters such as visitation schedules and primary residence, adoption proceedings, child custody and domestic violence proceedings.

Jason is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and American Bar Association. In addition to being a divorce attorney in Peabody, Jason is also actively involved in his community. He is a member of the Essex County Bar Association with past volunteer experience in the Volunteer Lawyers Project and Lawyer for the Day program.


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