Frank J. Vendt, Jr

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Practice areas Richmond TX Family Law, Richmond TX Criminal Defense, Richmond TX Personal Injury, Richmond TX Divorce Attorneys, Richmond TX Child Support Attorneys, Richmond TX Child Custody Attorneys, Richmond TX DWI/DUI Attorneys, Richmond TX Drug Offenses Attorneys, Richmond TX Sex Offenses Attorneys, Richmond TX Criminally Negligent Homicide Attorneys, Richmond TX Arson, Robbery, Burglary, Forgery Attorneys, Richmond TX Wrongful Death Attorneys
Memberships Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Fort Bend County Bar Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association
More about me Frank J. Vendt, Jr., has been meaningfully involved with people that work all types of jobs, people that have various social statuses, and people that live with many different issues. This led him to practice family law.
We have all heard that “nothing takes the place of experience.” Mr. Vendt has been through a divorce himself, and has shared custody of his child. He understands the battles one faces when it is time to end a marriage (money, children, reputation, failure, et cetera).
Outside of law, Mr. Vendt spends time with his family and in the outdoors. He is a father of two children, both a boy and a girl. Having rebuilt his life after divorce, Mr. Vendt will be the first to say “there is life after divorce, and we are going to help you get there.


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