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Practice areas Lawyer's Areas of Practice, Administrative Law, Admiralty & Maritime, Arbitration, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy, Boating Accident, Business Law, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Contracts, Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation, Debt Relief, Debtor & Creditor, Employment, Estate Planning, General Practice, Government, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Law, Landlord & Tenant Law, Litigation, Mediation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Science & Technology, Tax, Trademark, Will & Probate, Workers Compensation
Memberships Bar Admission, €� Italy, 1998, €� Bologna BAR, 2002, Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (professional), French (intermediate), German (intermediate), Chinese (HSK3)., Joined the Law Firm in 2002
Interests Francesco Misuraca was admitted to the bar since October 1998., Francesco has deep passions for justice and the law are not just part of his professional life, they have been engrained in who he is since he was born. He is especially able to coordinate the work of other lawyers in complex areas of practice like Information technology, Media law and private equity issues., He is partner of SMAF & Associates law firm, And his professional experiences concerns drafting of international agency and distribution agreements, Patent applications, Patent licenses, Legal comments on international law matters, Incorporation of companies in foreign countries, International tax planning (Gibraltar Trust, Liechtenstein Foundation, Delaware LLC, Etc.)., Today, Francesco owns SMAF & Associates law firm - which has flourished since it was founded over 15 years ago. With extensive experience practicing commercial and comparative law, Criminal and civil litigation, Francesco has devoted his professional life to seeking justice on behalf of his clients and perpetuating the tradition of SMAF & Associates law firm, Providing superior legal support for all of its clients., Francesco has countless victories to his credit, But his greatest professional accomplishment continues to be the stability and hope he brings his clients by securing their commercial credits and their businesses through legal victories and optimal legal solutions., Francesco prides himself in representing his clients as their friend and attorney, Providing quality referrals for legal matters outside of his practice areas., Francesco published articles in the Italian law review “Commercio Internazionale”, IPSOA Edition, And is also involved in international investments writing guides to the investments in Argentine, Brazil, Egypt, For private circulation in several conventions of different industrial association (Venice, Padova, Treviso). He was also lecturer in seminaries (international contracts and communitarian, National, International financings facilities) at Padova Unindustria, Lecturer and speaker at Ass. Ind. Venezia.
Wants Professional Experience, € Writing guides to the investments in Argentine, Brazil, Egypt, For private circulation in several conventions of different Industrial Association (Venice, Padova, Treviso)., € Lecturer in Seminaries (international contracts and communitarian, National, International financings facilities) at Padova Unindustria, Lecturer and speaker at Ass. Ind.Venezia (Polish investments), € Basic Course of Marketing, March-July 2001 (Marketing Management general partnership SAS), € Work period in American law firm, August 2001 (Law firm of Steven Oppenheim, Esq.800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1115, Miami, Florida 33131) Miami, United States, In following practice areas:, € American bylaws and contracts, € Joint venture, € Real estate transactions, € American trial system, € Four-year experience (1996-2000) at university ( University of Padova) as examiner in jurisprudence, Participation to professorial congresses and seminaries, Lecturer in university seminaries, OPAC and Internet researches, Supervising to bachelor thesis, Writing a doctorate thesis for own prolusion, Reading original texts in English and French.
Haves € Published following books, WOLTERS KLUWER Editions (titles in Italian, Not translated):, € 1) INDIA. COMMERCIAL, CUSTOMS AND TAX LAW, Germano Franceschin, Francesco Misuraca, July 2011, 420 pp. Hardcover, € 2) INDIA: DIRITTO COMMERCIALE, DOGANALE E FISCALE, Franceschin Germano and Misuraca Francesco, Year: July 2006, Pages: 605, € 3) INVESTIRE NELLE REPUBBLICHE BALTICHE, Dalla Verità G.M., Franceschin Germano, Misuraca Francesco, Year: June 2006, € 4) INVESTIRE IN... TURCHIA, E-book, Conserva Martino, Misuraca Francesco — Wolters Kluwer – IPSOA 2012, Pages 173, € 5) FARE BUSINESS IN…AUSTRIA, Misuraca Francesco — Wolters Kluwer IPSOA, 2015, Pages 142, € 6) FARE AFFARI IN...NORVEGIA, Misuraca Francesco — Wolters Kluwer – IPSOA 2015, Pages 141., € Published following recent articles on the review and web- site “Commercio Internazionale”, IPSOA Editions (titles in Italian, Not translated): 1)Inserto Affari & Commercio su: Marocco n. 7/2010, 2) Inserto Affari & Commercio su: Hong Kong n. 11/2010, 3) Inserto Affari & Commercio su: Sudafrica n. 2/2011, 4) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Romania n. 8-9/2012, 5) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Australia n. 10/2012, 6) La Srl Russa, Il contratto di agenzia e la pianificazione commerciale e fiscale, N. 12/2013, 7) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Guatemala n. 1/2014, 8) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Canada n. 6/2014, 9) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Irlanda n. 12/2014, 10) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Bielorussia n. 3/2015, 11) Investire in Lituania, Società a responsabilità limitata (UAB), Marchi brevetti e fiscalità, N. 6/2015, 12) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Liechtenstein n. 8-9/2015, 13) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Austria n. 11/2015, 14) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Norvegia n. 2/2016, 15) L’holding spagnola: ETVE, N. 4/2016, 16) Panama e la IBC, N. 8-9/2016, 17) Inserto Affari & Commercio: Panama n. 12/2016.
More about me Education
• 1989-1995 LUISS (Free International University of the Social Studies) Rome, Via Pola 12, Bachelor in Jurisprudence (Score 110/110)
• 1996-1999 University of Padova; Achieved in March 2000 the title of Philosophical Doctorate in Philosophy of Law


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