Florian Köhler, J.D. ("First German Bar Exam")

Location Munich, Germany

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About me

Practice areas Intellectual Property Laws, Trade Regulation and Competition Law
Memberships Member of the 261th German Airborne Bataillon Reserve ("Reservistenverband"), Alumni Köln, Volunteer at the Fire Dep. of Bickenbach/Germany, Member of the Cristian Demokratic Party of Germany (conservatives)
Interests Handball, Running, firefighting, History
Wants to become an intellectual property- and competition lawyer, focus on German-American cooperation
Haves the point to do so, knowledge in German-, European- and U.S. legal work, I am absolutely a teamplayer, an above the average Bar Exam
More about me Born in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, grown up on the countryside in Bickenbach (Central Germany), High School, Army, University of Würzburg, University of Cologne, now trainee (2 years practice required in Germany to work as a lawyer).


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