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Practice areas Title IX Lawyers, College Code Violations Lawyer
Memberships American Bar Association, Federal Bar Council, Connecticut Bar Association, Greater Bridgeport Bar Association, New Haven County Bar Association
Interests Division I Varsity Soccer, Participated in Title IX Action
More about me MY VALUES

I grew up with nine siblings in a household where our parents worked hard to treat all of us equally. No one was better than the others and no one was favored over the others. We were also taught to see the world that way – to not play favorites and to not judge others. So fairness and treating people with respect are central to my personal value system.

We were also taught to do our best at everything, whether it was school or hobbies or sports. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Put simply, I’m driven by excellence, and I’m driven by it at a deep level.

Finally, more than half of my siblings became accomplished team athletes. You can read more about my sports background here, but four highlights include: filing an action against UCONN under the then-new Title IX statute as an undergraduate to compel the creation of a woman’s soccer program, being selected as a Division I First Team All-American in soccer, being named to the first Women’s U.S. National Soccer team, and serving as Head Coach of the Yale Division I Women’s Soccer Team. I share this with you because that inner fire of competitiveness and teamwork continues to drive me as a lawyer.

I bring these qualities to every client and every case I take because it’s who I am and how I practice law.

My clients are up against institutions with significant resources behind them, whether the state or federal government with its prosecutorial and law enforcement agencies or colleges and universities. So my clients need a strong advocate to level the playing field and make sure their rights are wisely and vigorously defended.


My experience in a variety of legal settings gives me an invaluable perspective that I leverage on behalf of my clients every day.
Upon graduating law school, I worked briefly for a large Connecticut firm before accepting a position to serve for two years as a law clerk to federal district judge the Honorable Stefan R. Underhill, where I learned about criminal and civil cases from a judge’s perspective
I then worked for two years as a litigation associate at Sullivan and Cromwell in New York where I represented clients on white collar criminal defense, regulatory issues and complex litigation
I came back to Connecticut to build my career at another major firm only to be offered a position as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office, which I accepted in 2005.


Over my ten years as a federal prosecutor, I handled a wide variety of criminal investigations and cases, from white collar fraud to drug and gun cases. I worked closely with the major federal law enforcement agencies and appeared in federal court hundreds of times, including being lead counsel in numerous criminal trials.


In my last few years as a prosecutor (in addition to handling criminal cases), I worked with the community as the Re-Entry and Community Outreach Coordinator for the U.S Attorney’s office in Connecticut. In that role, I organized and/or participated in dozens of initiatives which brought together community leaders and activists on a range of topics including:
Gang and youth violence prevention strategies
Post-incarceration re-entry to society and the workforce
Race bias in law enforcement
Campus sexual assault prevention and training


Duffy Law is the culmination of my professional path. It’s how I get to best help people who need a strong partner in navigating the judicial and educational institutions with which they’re contending.

If either you or someone you know needs experienced, tenacious legal counsel, call me at 203-946-2000 at no cost and we can explore if I am the right lawyer for you.

Representing Young Adults in Criminal Court
Preparing for the Title IX Titlewave
Understanding Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault (Connecticut Bar Annual Meeting)
Sports and Character (Quinnipiac University Women’s Soccer Program)
Sports and Character (Women’s Soccer Program)
The Impact Athletics Has on Women (Women’s and Girls’ Breakfast Fundraiser)
Title IX (UCONN Benton Museum’s “Hoop Dreams”)
State and federal gun and drug laws and how to stay out of trouble (Manson Youth Institute to inmates with 4 Peace Rap artists and Yale University Music Composer)
State and federal gun and drug laws and how to stay out of trouble (Hartford YMCA)
Title IX (College Students and the Law)
Sexual Assault on College Campuses (College and Universities as First Responders)

Keynote Speaker about the experience in athletics and the impact athletics has on women at Eastern Connecticut State University at the Women’s and Girls’ Breakfast Fundraiser hosted by the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut’s Windham Area Women and G
George Washington University Sociology Class on College Students and the Law
Panelist, Connecticut Bar Association, “Title IX: Gender Equity in College Athletics. How Far Have We Come in 30 Years?”
Keynote speaker at the Governor’s Prevention Partnership Conference- Regional Law Enforcement Conference: Forces United to Keep Youth Safe, Successful and Drug-Free at Stamford Marriott
Panelist for a community forum on public safety in Bridgeport at the University of Bridgeport’s Arnold Bernhard Arts Center

Duffy Law, LLC
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New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-946-2000
Fax: 203-907-1383
Business Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.duffylawct.com/felice-duffy/


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