Dr. Elias Kier Joffe, JD

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Practice areas Real Estate Business & Development, Business Law, Labor and Security Law, Sport, Media & Entertainment, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Mining
Memberships Bar Admissions: CPACF - Buenos Aires Capital Federal, The International Bar Association (IBA), €American Bar Association (ABA), The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ)
More about me Elias, who earned his law degree at the University of Belgrano, Argentina, is the grandson of Elias Abraham, the founder of Kier Joffe.

When Elias assumed the helm of the firm from his father several years ago, he was determined to move away from some of the outmoded models of how law firms usually work, and embrace innovations in work methods and technologies that had been proven to increase efficiency and productivity and make things easier for clients. These new service and value based models are still often resisted by big traditional firms based on a 'billable-hour' incentives model, where avoiding efficient or quick results and billing the maximum number of hours for every matter -- and even creating problems where none existed -- is rewarded.

Elias knew that there were a few ways that Kier Joffe could maximize what it had always done well, and bring even more of what its clients base wanted most: cost-effective, personal service; results-oriented work; open and easy communication; thoroughness and efficiency; and a culture responsive and friendly to businesses and individuals who want to get things done. (To read more about the service philosophy or history of Kier Joffe, please see About Us.)

And when many of Kier Joffe's clients are practical businessmen and executives, forward thinking entrepreneurs, mobile hardware and app developers or just regular folk, Elias realized there is no reason to be stuffy about communications – Skype, Facetime, Imessenger, WhatsApp, Facebook chat, texting, impromptu cellphone calls -- or whatever works best for the client -- can make communication easier, keep you informed, and keep Kier Joffe in touch with any detail important to you and your objectives.

As Managing Partner, Elias is usually the first point of contact, talking with clients to learn their needs and priorities, build a rapport, and working out with the client the best way the firm can help. Even if another attorney may be chosen as most qualified to spearhead the clients particular agenda, Elias always considers himself accountable for the handling of a case from start to finish, and is always available to answer questions or discuss the client's matters.

Elias himself specializes in Real Estate Business & Development, Foreign Investments, Commercial and Business Contracts, Media & Entertainment and Non Profit Organizations (NGOs).

Elias, along with most of the Kier Joffe team, has broad international experience and perspective, having worked, studied and traveled abroad widely. This often proves to be a valuable and welcome benefit for clients who have previously experienced some language or cultural barriers when working with attorneys or law-firms in countries outside their own.

Elias Kier Joffe is also a member of The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, studied at the Rabbinical College, Yeshiva Ohr Tmimim, Kfar Chabad, Israel and the Rabbinical College of America, Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim, New Jersey, United States of America.

He is happily married to his wife of 12 years, with whom he has 3 wonderful children. He is an avid runner, cyclist and Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioner and is fascinated by innovators and innovations that make a difference in the world.


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