Drummond McCunn

Location Granite Bay, California, United States

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Practice areas Family Law, Child Custody, Estate Planning, Incapacity, Minors, Trust Administration
More about me At McCunn Law, we recognize that litigation can be confusing, stressful and expensive. Through the years, we have developed a unique set of steps that help you find a path to a clear resolution. First, we help you identify your goals and propose possible means of achieving them. Then we map out possible outcomes based on your facts and circumstances. Reviewing the pros and cons, we identify a strategy and map out a project plan, budget, and timeline. We then work with you to gather the necessary information and implement the plan, updating you along the way. We find that this empowers our clients to make good decisions and mitigates their stress by keeping them informed along the way. Organized and diligent clients find their attorney fees regularly find their attorneys fees to be less than that paid by the other party.


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