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More about me is the trusted global market leader in supplying the best portfolio of eco-friendly, safe, reusable, recyclable, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-caustic Air Sanitizer removers that work. Our green deodorizers don’t contain any VOCs, CFCs, heavy metals, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals. They provide unique advantages that benefit people, pets and the planet while providing superior Air Purifier performance at a very low cost.

Our Air Cleaner products absorb and Deodorizer and pollutants without masking with harmful fragrances. Ionic Bulb just don't stand a chance! They are rejuvenated by simply heating in a microwave or placing in sunlight and reused for years making our Ionic Lamp products very cost effective. Our Ionic Bulbs removal products don't contain or emit chemicals and are beneficial for people suffering from allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Since our energy smart Disinfectant products don't require power and can be rejuvenated using solar energy, they will help reduce your energy dependency, decrease your carbon footprint and help fight climate change while removing CFL Bulbs . Furthermore, our deodorizers don't deplete precious fossil fuels & reduces our oil dependency


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