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More about me Attorney Desmond P. FitzGerald is the founder and Managing Director of FitzGerald Law Company, an immigration, criminal and personal injury litigation law firm in Boston. He has successfully litigated hundreds cases in Federal and State court and has more than 20 decisions published, many of them which have created precedent. Attorney FitzGerald has successfully filed legal actions against numerous government agencies including the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for improperly denying licenses to immigrants and against the Immigration Department for failing to properly and timely adjudicate immigrant applications.

Attorney FitzGerald’s significant legal accomplishments include changing the legal status of immigrant children of U.S. Citizen step-parents, from conditional residents to non-conditional legal permanent residents, and getting the Immigration Service to accept immigration applications from immigrants who are held in custody without a fee. Attorney FitzGerald has also determined a manner in which Employment-Based Residency Petitions can be used to obtain Legal Permanent Residency for Asylum Applicants whose asylum petitions were not being adjudicated by USCIS timely.

In addition, practicing both immigration and criminal defense has given Attorney FitzGerald a particular expertise in minimizing negative immigration consequences of criminal charges and vacating improper convictions. On the personal injury front, attorney FitzGerald has been helping clients obtain the most favorable compensation when they have been a victim of an accident, due to the negligence of others, for more than 20 years. Attorney FitzGerald is fluent in Spanish and served as the legal counsel for the Colombian Consulate for New England for 8 years. His firm has always recognized the benefits that the immigrant community provides to our region and nation and the importance of offering quality legal services to protect it.


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