Danielle Havens

Location Seattle , Washington, United States

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Practice areas Criminal Defense
Memberships National College of DUI DefenseMember 2013 - Present, Citizens for Judicial ExcellenceBoard Member 2008 - Present, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Member 2004 - Present, Washington State Bar Association Member2002 - Present, Citizens for Judicial Excellence Executive Board Member2011 - 2016
More about me I am a native of Seattle and love it here. My family is here and it is where I have chosen to raise my two college aged children.I feel a pride in our city and in the practice that I have built here with the amazing and incomparable Tim Milios.

My practice represents an evolution of my values and life experiences. During law school I had an amazing professor who called criminal defense attorneys the ""Keepers of the Constitution"" and it had a profound effect on me. I wanted to do my part to preserve what I believe sets our country apart from others. By giving those who are charged with a crime the presumption of innocence we go a long way toward creating fairness.

Over the last decade I have learned that even with that presumption being articulated over and over again there are many people in the prosecutors office and often on juries who want to see a person ""prove"" their innocence. This is really disturbing to me and it presents one of the great hurdles that defense attorneys deal with daily.

I have extensive experience in dealing with alcoholism and have a deep understanding of the disease and its consequences on both the addict and the people who love them. I take tremendous pride in the work that I am able to do with the addicted and we often find healing as well as success.

I am driven to both domestic violence defense and victim's advocacy. I know how devastating a charge of domestic violence can be for a family and work tirelessly to help everyone involved access the services that are needed while vigorously seeking justice for my clients. I love my work and am passionate about how we do it at Milios Defense. We do more than simply work with our clients, we connect with them. It is through that connection that real success is built.


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