Dan Morris

Birth Name Dan R. Morris
Location 7600 North 16Th Street Suite 105 Phoenix , AZ, United States

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Practice areas Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, Trust Administration
More about me For more than 40 years, Morris Hall, PLLC, has been providing the highest quality estate planning services for individuals and families in Arizona and New Mexico. We are recognized as one of the leading law firms people rely on to protect the wealth they spent a lifetime creating. The very best plans you make for your family can be undone if your estate plan has not been properly drafted. At Morris Hall, PLLC, our attorneys review hundreds of estate plans every year. We find that many contain errors that could result in beneficiaries’ losing a portion of their inheritance due to taxes, creditors, ex-spouses or other issues.
Contact us at tel # 602-249-1328 or visit our site at https://morristrust.com/


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