Carol Dixen

Location Hamilton, United States

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Practice areas Brainstorming, Ideas generating and development:
Memberships I think of major ideas that show my writing competence as well as my personality positively.
Interests I gather ideas by taking simple notes as they come across my mind, Whether they seem strong or weak.
Wants I take a few minutes of free writing, Without caring about spellings, Order or grammar of the phrases or sentences
More about me College admission is a process through which potential candidates to basing on entry examination results, application forms and admission essays. A college admissions board may be overwhelmed by applicants with qualifying credentials, despite the limited number of available vacancies. Under stiff competition, admission essays may be helpful for selections, although not always. It is therefore essential for me to be able to perfectly write my essay for college admission.
Such essays represent one’s personality, character and eligibility for the targeted college. It backs up one’s application forms and helps him/her stand out from all other applicants.
Colleges may set an open topic, where applicants can write on any topic of their choice, whereas others may set single or multiple choice topics. Logic/reasoning, writing and communication skills, language mastery, candidate’s personality and possible positive contributions are commonly tested.


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