Carlos Leyva

Location Largo, Florida, United States

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Practice areas Internet Law, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Domain disputes, Contracts & Agreements, Immigration Law, green cards, Non-immigration visas, Immigration Visas, naturalization
Memberships ABA, Florida Bar Association
Interests I am a knowledge monger, but knowledge without love is a senseless pursuit, pursue what you love to do first.
More about me I am a veteran of the technology industry and now practice law with The Digital Business Law Group P.A. ( ). We practice "digital law" otherwise known as cyberlaw. For all intents and purposes our national law practice is exclusively an online business. Most of our clients come from, and nearly all of our marketing efforts are directed to, the web. In other words, we eat the same dog food as our clients. Our online marketing campaigns drive our business. If you want to learn more about cyberlaw check out our tutorials at

I also continue to publish the web-tones at LawTechTV blog ( . This blog focuses on cyberlaw and enabling technologies (i.e. Law 2.0 as a play on Web 2.0) that are transforming the practice of law and changing the legal landscape, probably faster than some incumbents would like.


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