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Practice areas Services : Personal Injury Lawyer, Person Injury Representation, DWI Lawyer, Car Wreck Lawyer, Auto Accident, Insurance Disputes, 18 Wheeler Accident, Wrongful Death
More about me Growing up Brett Bajon always knew he wanted to help people in some way. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, from a young age he took to heart the values of compassion, hard work, and respect instilled by his family, friends, and teachers at Catholic High School of Baton Rouge.

Always a people person, Brett made people smile spending one summer working as characters at Walt Disney World. Witnessing firsthand how every little detail at Walt Disney World is attended to– whether it is trimming the dolls’ hair at “It’s a Small World” or power-washing each building every night– Brett learned that attention to detail can make for a truly unique and special experience.

It is this meticulousness that Brett utilizes in his practice of the law. He knows that organization and preparedness can make or break a case. His attention to detail makes him an excellent litigator who is able to think on his feet.


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