Ben Carrasco, Doctor of Jurisprudence

Location Austin, TX, United States

About me

Practice areas Family Law
More about me Ben Carrasco is an experienced family law attorney in Austin, TX serving clients in matters of divorce, child custody, property division, marital agreements and other legal disputes involving spouses, children, and other family members. While there are numerous divorce lawyers in Austin to choose from, Ben Carrasco stands out from the competition with his stellar credentials (graduating from one of the nation’s top law schools – Stanford Law School) and his experience (which includes past experience at a global law firm).

In addition to being a family law attorney, Ben also has vast experience in business litigation. On the business litigation side, Ben helps resolve business disputes such as breach of contract, collections disputes, business torts, landlord tenant disputes, and other legal business matters.

Ben has the knowledge, experience, and tenacity needed to get the results you deserve. To speak to a great family law attorney today, contact The Law Office of Ben Carrasco, PLLC at 512-320-9126 or visit to learn more.


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