Annelore Van Der Lint

Location McLean, VA, United States

Current positions

  • ZyLAB: Corporate Marketing Director, Since 2019/10 (Web)

About me

Practice areas Legal document review software, Legal eDiscovery software, Electronic discovery legal, Law eDiscovery software, Litigation support eDiscovery, Corporate legal software, Discovery management software, Discovery software, Discovery tools law, Ediscovery platform, E-discovery platforms, Ediscovery processing software, Ediscovery products, Legal software company, Legal software review, Legal software solutions, Litigation document management, Litigation document management software
More about me ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Science tools to facilitate fact-finding missions through large or small electronic datasets related to the business-critical projects of governmental agencies, law firms, and companies of any size.


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