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More about me Andrew Schwartz is a prominent Cobb county defense attorneys who has successfullydefended numerous clients accused of serious crimes. He has been serving the legal community in Cobb County and metro Atlanta area as a committed litigator and trial lawyer. Mr. Schwartz brings in his vast experience as a prosecutor to help out people accused of DUI and drug charges. His aggressive approach as a DUI defence and drug crime attorney has benefitedmany people accused of serious felonies. People facing probation violation and traffic violation charges can also approach the attorney for extensive assistance. Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. is one of the best-known fraud defence attorney Cobb County. His sound advice and vast experience have helped numerous victims get suitable compensation for their loss. Whether accused of a serious crime or sufferingfrom violation of your rights, you can bank on the Marietta, GA based criminal defence lawyer to get justice. Get in touch through the website or phone now to resolve your legal problems.

Business Name: Andrew L. Schwartz
Phone Number: 678-853-2500
Address: Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. 191 Roswell Street Marietta, GA 30060
Business Email Id: [email protected]


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