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Can anyone help me? It is related to my future as a Sorbonne prospectus!

  • Mongkon Paisancharoensub
    May 18 2010, 03:04 PM
    Dear all

    My name is Mongkon Paisancharoensub a graduate from the Faculty of Law from Thammasat University (Thailand's best university) with the 2nd class honor(GPA 3.38). In my graduate program, I was at 7th from 200 or so students (and 70 th of 700 or so if plus all the students in my faculty) and wish to apply to the Faculty of Law in the University of Paris (Paris1) for Master degree(M2) Droit International et de Europeen (or another similar field of study)

    1. I have faith in Paris 1 due to its highest caliber but lack of tuition fee! and due to a very best selection of Eiffel scholarship, I'm scare of missing, thereby if there are other scholarships (especially a non-binding scholarship), please tell me!

    2. I wish I could obtain a full scholarship. If there is a full scholarship that anyone could suggest me ,then please kindly let me know!

    3. I want to know about the the qualification of the applicant such as GPA, extracurricular activities, work experience and especially does it need DALF C2?

    4. How long does it take to complete the course for DALF C2 preparation (from my elementary French)?

    and is there any
    subsidizable scholarship for tuition fee(for Language Courses) and other expenditures in Paris?

    5. Did anyone know about these following scholarships like
    (I have accidentally found them on my country's website but it was in the year 2005)

    Louis Forest-Lew, Marie etJeanne Rubinstein Scholarship,
    Aguirre-Basualdo Scholarship, and André Isoré Scholarship

    provided by La Chancellerie des Universités de Paris

    from… (Sorry, maybe this link is a dead link)?

    I want to know about further information of these kinds of thing!

    Best regard



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