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Reasons for doing the course

  • D. Z.
    Jul 03 2009, 12:41 PM
    Why have you REALLY decided to do the LLM in London? For those of you, who are not from the UK, are you planning to look for job there or will you look for better prospects at home? Are you given a leave at work with an intent to continue with it at the end of the course or will you move on?

    Having completed my undergraduate in the UK, I have worked at a medium-sized Russian law firm in Moscow for almost five years. I love my job. I have a wide array of responsibilities, many of my own clients and (hopefully) good prospects. I felt, however, that I needed a challenge and a shake up. I think that the course will help me to freshen up my knowledge of English law and will allow me to be a good asset for a firm, looking for a Russian counsil with working knowledge of English law.

    Thank you,



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