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  • Prashant Bezboruah
    Sep 19 2008, 01:20 PM
    @Liza: My number is 07501812969 but it might change once my bank account is opened. Will send everyone the new number once I get it.

  • Liza Mary Stebin
    Sep 20 2008, 12:25 PM
    @ Everyone

    Has anybody got access to thr module timetables? The LLM programme officer had send a mail with the timetable link but that doesnt seem to work. Any suggestions?

  • Cathrin Krüger
    Sep 20 2008, 04:22 PM
    It works when you access it from a computer in the PAWS rooms, but not through a wireless connection. God knows why...

  • Liza Mary Stebin
    Sep 20 2008, 09:27 PM
    @ Cathrin

    Thanks dear for the info. I will also go and check it out from a computer in the PAWS rooms. They are available in Hampstead rt?

  • Cathrin Krüger
    Sep 21 2008, 09:45 AM
    Yep. The room is in the reception building, on the first floor. You need to sign in at reception with your student ID.

  • Karolina Zimnoch
    Sep 21 2008, 01:04 PM
    do we have PAWS in wolfson , Prashant? (btw im back!):) i cant find timetables neither ;/

  • Prashant Bezboruah
    Sep 21 2008, 04:31 PM
    @Karolina: Welcome back. :)

    I think there is a PAWS room at Guy's campus as far as I know. Haven't really explored that possibility as yet.

    You can access the module timetables over here:

    It worked for me though I didn't find the timetable for some of the subjects. Guess we'll just have to get them from the college directly.

    I can't access my KCL email for some reason, so haven't seen the link which the programme officer sent.


  • Mrinalini Sen
    Sep 22 2008, 10:56 AM
    how come i have not met any of you yet?

  • Prashant Bezboruah
    Sep 24 2008, 02:02 AM
    Hi Everyone

    For those of you who are not on the King's College London 2008-2009 LLM group on Facebook, here's a message from Lisi Ke. Sounds like a good way for the people doing the LLM to meet up again. Contents of her message given below:

    " A few of us were thinking of going out this Wednesday (24th) to happy hour at Covent Garden for some cheap drinks. Our pathway is very small, and in light of the fact that such a good time was had by all at Gray's Inn, we thought getting all the LLMs out again would be a good idea. So please do come along! We're thinking of meeting at 5:30pm outside the Strand campus on Wednesday 24th Sept, so we are in time to catch happy hour in Convent Garden, but if people want to meet us later, as I know lectures are on until much later, then they should feel free to come meet us afterwards."

    Those of you who are free on Wednesday can join Lisi and the others outside Strand at 5.30 or at Covent Garden later on. If you want any clarifications later on where we will be sitting, my mobile number is 07501812969 and Lisi's (posted on facebook too) is 07921172 019

    I'd also request those of you who have not joined the Facebook LLM group to please join up as there'll be lots of info posted there in the future about events and hopefully parties/ live bands etc. The link to the group is given below:


    [Edited Sep 24 2008]

  • Kumar Pallav
    Mar 06 2009, 06:08 AM

    Hello Friends,

    I am confuse regarding the selection of modules at King's College London for 2009-10 intake.I want to choose the subjects which are more practical for LLM in International Financial law.Please guide me to choose among International Tax law,Taxation of business enterprisis,Commercial Banking Law,US antitrust law and UK competition law for next 40 credits.

    I've chosen the modules given below:

    20 credits, Legal Skills Course (compulsory module)
    20 credits, 7,500-word research essay
    40 credits, Law Of International Finance I
    20 credits, Law Of International Finance II - International Project Finance
    20 credits, Law Of International Finance III - Securitisations, GDOs And GDRs
    20 credits, Regulation Of The Conduct Of Mergers and Acquisitions

    I'll require to choose rest modules of 40 credits among:( but not sure which one is more practical and want to study tax and antitrust law)

    International Tax law,
    Taxation of business enterprisis,
    Commercial Banking Law,
    US antitrust law,
    UK competition law.

    Thanks and regards,


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