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Austrian Lawyers
For lawyers interested in the legal landscape in Austria
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Juan Harkins Blog

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Abogados Mexicanos
Aqui pueden reunirse todos los Abogados de Mexico y también son bienvenidos...
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A group to join those interested in Brazilian legal system
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Criminal Lawyers

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Indian Lawyers
Lawyers from India or who have a concern for India.
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Italian lawyers

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Global Lawyers/Attorney Forum
welcome to every lawyers/attorney in this group and can shares and discuss...
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Mobile Mortgage Closing Attorneys
Attorneys who are mobile mortgage closers. There is a demand for experienced...
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Advogados Brasileiros
Grupo destinado aos advogados, juristas e consultores jurídicos brasileiros
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American Lawyers
Lawyers in the U.S.
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Debt Collection Attorneys
Hello to every lawyers/attorneys/advocaten, in india there are three mode to...
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European Lawyers
European Lawyers aims to provide an immediate point of reference for...
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French lawyers

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Intellectual Property Rights lawyers/Attorneys
Welcome to the Group of IPR Lawyers and share your experience.
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Türk Avukatlar
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Are Young People Committing More Crime Today Than Ever Before?
Crime and age have been discussed since time immemorial. It’s said that...
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Elder Abuse and Neglect - A Rising Concern That Needs to be Addressed Right Now
<img alt=""...
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Huskic Law Office - advokatska kancelarija Huskic
Huskić is a young and dynamic law office founded in spring 2012 when I left...
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Today's Smart Lawyering
This group is to network, share knowledge, comment, and favor new ways of...
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How Frequently Do Violent Crimes Happen in the Military?
Violent crimes in the military have significant legal and financial...
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Have a Slip-and-Fall Case? Proving Fault Can Be Challenging
According to <a...
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