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Intellectual Property Rights lawyers/Attorneys
Welcome to the Group of IPR Lawyers and share your experience.
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Izmir,Istanbul,Antalya,Ankara,TURKEY ,
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Today's Smart Lawyering
This group is to network, share knowledge, comment, and favor new ways of...
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From Bail to Building a Case: Six Ways a Criminal Lawyer Advocates for Clients
More than 68 million Americans have a criminal record, according to a...
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What Should Your Teenager Do When He/ She Is Involved in a Car Accident?
When your youngster learns to drive and is ready to take on the road alone,...
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Dealing with Defective Medical Drug and Device Lawsuits
Drugs and medical devices are designed in the best interest of human beings....
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Dry Drowning – Everything That Parents Need To Know
Dry drowning is one of the rare cases, where kids (or even adults) may die...
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What to Know When Filing a Lawsuit against a Nursing Home
We often admit our loved ones, who are suffering from a health condition, to...
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