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Writing is an essential skill, as the writing field is on the rise for since last 5-8 years and expected to be a promising field in upcoming years as well. There are many people who are planning to be a creative writer, blogger, and academic writer or maybe a research writer, they must be perplexed about how to commence their career and what are the main key steps to take in order to start their career onwards. I am a content writer and the co-founder of Write my Essay for me UK I started my career back in 2014 and now I have attained sufficient experience in this field. I have assembled some very essential points for beginners that may assist them to initiate their career.
• To start your career you must identify if you have abilities and competencies that a writer should possess
• Writing is critically being a good reader first, so read more and more
• There must be clarity in your thoughts if you are trying to be a good writer
• You can be a good writer only when you choose the right field or department according to your interest and skills.
• In order to start your career you must practice more and more and work hard on your portfolio
• Try to make your own blog or get some small assignments or tasks from customers to gain some practical experience.

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