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To create a big jump in value to your home you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars. All you need to do is develop a plan and make changes efficiently to your home. If something doesn’t need to be majorly changed, then don’t change it.

We’ve listed a few changes you can make to your home that aren’t going to break that bank but will certainly boost your home’s value.


Almost every renovation will focus on the bathroom. That means you should focus on this room first. If there are any issues like leaks, cracks or discoloured paints, then focus on these first. Once that’s taken care of, you should move on to replacing tapware with more modern versions like the ones you can find at Bravat. Sleek and modern designs will create a perception of a brand new bathroom.

To match your new tapware you should also invest in new shower heads and other minor hardware changes too. Keep everything simple and affordable but effective and you’ll see the biggest returns in the bathroom.

Living Room

The thing you should focus on most in the living room is certainly the lighting and the style. If your living room has odd colours or isn’t appealing to the masses, change it. Go for natural tones like whites, creams and greys and include a feature wall.

You would also certainly be making a good decision if you focused on adding eco-friendly lighting in the living spaces as a feature. This way you’ll cut back on power consumption too. On top of this, if you notice that your living spaces don’t get great natural light you should focus on removing whatever is blocking the light like cutting back trees.


Just like the bathroom, the biggest gains in the kitchen will be from making small but effective changes. You don’t need to tear off every cabinet door and replace the countertops to make a big difference. Focus on a new paint job, replacing tapware with modern and minimal designs.

Unique to the kitchen though should be warm natural lighting. You should invest in pendant lighting as well as LEDs to keep operating costs low but also try to make sure that lighting is optimal for food preparation.

You may also want to extend out to adding extra shelving as well as a new stovetop or sink if it really needs to be replaced. Don’t let your new kitchen’s look be ruined by old hardware.

Front Yard

Remember that the front yard is the first thing that anyone will see when they come to visit your home. That means it needs to make a great first impression. To make the best impact you should keep lawn cut low, remove any overgrowth and also add new turf or plants if needed.

If there are dead plants or trees, remove these and replace them with brand new ones. The look you’re trying to create is one of little work. New buyers look for effortlessness in a new home. If there aren’t many changes needed to be made, then your home’s value will be higher.


Finally, the backyard needs to be more than just grass and a garden bed. You should add in outdoor settings and cooking areas to make the backyard an additional liveable space. This means the addition of outdoor seating, a BBQ as well as umbrellas for protection against the sun if the patios floor extends beyond the roof.

Don’t forget that your home will ultimately be priced on living space. If you extend the indoors into the backyard you’ll be boosting the living space and also the price. Keep a flow with the design though so that your outdoor settings match the interior of your home.

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