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The market for legal jobs may be getting better, but shaping a legal career is easier said than done. In the last decade or so, the demand for specialized labor has taken the global economy by storm and the legal job market is no exception to this shift. Whether you are an aspiring law student or a fresh law graduate, choosing a practice area is a huge decision. You may not be able to change the practice area at a later stage in your career. So, make sure to choose one as early as possible, preferably within the first couple of years when starting out as a junior associate.

Though earning a generous salary is the prime factor, you may have to consider several other variables such as your lifestyle, academic background, job market, and personal interests when picking a practice area. If you are going to work as a lawyer for a long time, you are better off choosing a practice area that genuinely interests you.

Here are six trending practice areas that are more likely to attract legal talent from all over the nation:

  • Corporate Law
    Corporate law usually appeals to those interested in corporate, business, and capital investment. The workflow includes a variety of transactional work such as drafting operating agreements and bylaws, signed employee agreements, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions. You are less likely to see the inside of a courtroom, as corporate lawyers are rarely involved in trial work. Globalization has opened several new opportunities in this niche as international business and trade flourish. Most corporate lawyers work at corporate law firms. However, private companies also hire them as in-house legal counsel.

  • Healthcare Law
    Healthcare law comprises several federal, state, and local rules and regulations related to medical care, patient records, and available treatments. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the number of people with access to healthcare insurance has increased significantly. The legal jobs market may witness a surge in demand for healthcare attorneys as the number of Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries goes up.

    Healthcare attorneys usually work with hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, insurers, and private law firms representing individual patients or entities. From fighting a medical malpractice claim to complying with healthcare laws and regulations, the lawyers may have to handle a range of legal matters for their clients. It is one of the high-paying practice areas in the legal job market. Most healthcare attorneys, especially the ones working as in-house counsel for multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, have a medical background.

  • Intellectual Property Law
    Intellectual property (IP) law protects the intangible assets of an individual or entity. It encompasses different practice areas such as patent law, copyright infringement, unfair competition, and trademark law among others. The lawyers specializing in intellectual property law will always be in demand as long as invention and innovation exist.

    Intellectual property lawyers usually work on behalf of their clients to procure the legal rights for new ideas or existing innovations. These clients may include individuals such as artists, musicians, or writers as well as commercial organizations, businesses, and institutions. These lawyers often represent their clients in federal or state courts as well as administering agencies such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Most intellectual property attorneys have an engineering or science degree in addition to the law degree. So, if you are an engineer with an affinity for law, intellectual property may be the right career choice for you.

  • Personal Injury Law
    Personal injury law, also known as tort law, allows an individual to bring a lawsuit against the party responsible for his/her injury or accident. From nursing home abuse to motor vehicle accidents, a wide range of legal disputes come under this practice area. A personal injury lawyer usually represents the plaintiff, guiding him/her through the claims process. The most important responsibility of a personal injury attorney is to make sure the plaintiff is well-compensated and discourage others from committing the same offense. As a tort lawyer, you may have to handle extremely complex litigation involving complicated injuries. The tort law often intersects with other niches such as employment and labor law, real estate law, contract law, and civil rights.

  • Environmental Law
    Environmental law is a set of federal, state, and local rules and regulations created to protect natural resources and address the issues of environment safety. It is a relatively modern practice area that attracts individuals with a strong inclination toward the green initiative. With the U.S. Government drafting strict environmental policies, this practice area offers promising growth. Read more about significant developments and biggest environmental cases in 2016.

    These lawyers often need to confront several different types of environmental issues including pollution control, waste management, and protection of the ecosystem. You can work for state and federal government bodies by helping draft regulations and laws to protect the environment. Several lawyers also work on global environmental issues on behalf of international institutions such as United Nations and World Bank. Public interest organizations and nonprofit groups also hire environmental lawyers for in-house counseling and litigation.

  • E-discovery
    E-discovery is a legal process through which all parties can search, collect, review, and exchange information pertaining to litigation in electronic/digital formats. This information is known as electronically stored information or ESI. Producing admissible and actionable evidence is the primary goal of the e-discovery process. Though it sounds simple, it is a challenging process that requires both legal as well as technical knowledge. The information may include simple emails, Word files, or even electronically encrypted files. E-discovery is a critical component of most civil lawsuits including patent disputes, tort claims, corporate litigations, and even divorce proceedings.

  • A legal career offers several opportunities for professional as well as personal growth. However, choosing a practice area suitable to your personality can be daunting. Young lawyers need to consider several factors when selecting their practice area. Choosing the right one can increase your market value and earning potential considerably. The above six trending practice areas can help you improve your career opportunities.

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