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There's no doubt that child abuse cases are the most emotionally and physically exhausting criminal cases of all. According to Safe Horizon, young children are the most vulnerable to maltreatment. Nearly 25 percent of the abused children are under the age of three, while over 45 percent are under the age of five.

It is a common misconception that girls are more likely to be the prime victim. The American Humane Association survey states that both girls and boys are equally likely to suffer from child abuse. However, girls are more prone to sexual abuse.

Although courts take all child abuse cases extremely seriously, not all of the accusations may be true. In several cases, the so-called abusers are victims of false accusations, especially in cases of divorce. A person wrongfully accused of abusing a child can suffer severe emotional and physical stress, and not to mention the social taboo that comes with it.

Finding the Best Child Abuse Attorney

Whether you are a victim of child abuse or are wrongfully accused of abusing a child, you will need an experienced child abuse lawyer to fight your case fairly. However, finding a competent criminal lawyer anywhere in America is no cakewalk. Whether it is a Colorado or a Denver child abuse lawyer you're looking for, make sure that you get yourself the best one.

Here are a few tips that can come in handy:

1. There is No Substitute for Experience

Like selecting any other professional, experience matters when it comes to hiring a child abuse lawyer, as well. Unfortunately, the number of child abuse cases is increasing by the day, which pressurizes the legal system. In such stressful conditions, only an experienced child abuse lawyer can get you through to the other side safely and quickly.

There are several types of child abuse cases, so it is essential that yours is filed under the correct statutes in order to fight it fairly. Only an experienced child abuse lawyer will be able to classify your case into the appropriate category, which would be the first firm step toward justice.

An inexperienced lawyer may build a weak defense and the accused might walk away free. If, on the other hand, you are wrongfully accused of child abuse, a weak defense will land you behind bars for a crime that you didn't commit.

The bottom-line is that you need to lawyer up with an experienced professional, preferably with the most experience possible in dealing with these types of cases.

2. Research and Investigation Are the Backbones of Any Criminal Case

Child abuse cases need thorough investigation and research in order to build the best offence or defense. Since this is one of the most serious criminal offences, the penalties are very high and, hence, you cannot walk into the courtroom with a casual case strategy.

At the same time, proving child abuse is a tough nut to crack, as the court pays detailed attention to the medical and forensic evidence as well as the circumstantial evidence. Your lawyer needs to have in-depth knowledge of the research methods in criminal justice because the argument has to be backed up with medical research, online and third-party resources, expert and judicial opinions, etc. In short, your lawyer must have unmatched research and investigative skills with supporting resources.

3. Communication Skills Are the Key

The mental and physical trauma through which the victim and his/her family undergo is simply unimaginable. This also makes it difficult for the victim's family members and the victims themselves to describe their side of the story.

Almost all child abuse victims suffer from trauma that makes them emotionally unstable. That's the reason why communicating with the victim is quite a task. Hence, the lawyer must be able to break all communication barriers and reach out to the client.

The sad truth is that even though most lawyers are comfortable dealing with different people, they fail to bond with the client on a personal level. This communication gap may potentially affect the case, resulting in dire consequences. So, make sure that your criminal lawyer possesses good communication skills.

4. Analytical Skills Are Necessary to Connect the Dots

Criminal lawyers need unmatched analytical skills to make a strong case. A child abuse lawyer has to take into consideration all aspects of the case in order to fight against this problematic and delicate issue. Plus, he or she needs to work hard to get maximum compensation for clients to make proper recovery of the child abuse charges.

This means that he or she needs to put analytical skills to their best use so that all gathered evidence, testimonies, and arguments can be best used to strengthen the case. The lawyer also needs to analyze the case from the prosecution's point of view to understand the underlying minute details of the case.

5. A Lawyer with Excellent Listening Skills Will Process Information Correctly

A lawyer with good communications skills may not necessarily have the ability to listen well. On the other hand, a good listener may have good communication skills. Most child abuse cases need to process tons of information where the acute listening skills of your attorney will play a significant role.

6. The Success of Your Case Depends on Your Lawyer's Determination

Last but not least, a lawyer must have the determination to finish what he or she has started. Any criminal case has to be fought until the final outcome is achieved. Your lawyer must have the gumption and the resources to see the case until its conclusion with undeterred resolve. Several straightforward child abuse cases have been lost for the want of a determined lawyer. Remember: Slow but steady wins the race.

Your lawyer needs to not only be experienced but also have the qualities mentioned above, if you want your case to stand its ground. All these skills combined together will make the best child abuse lawyer, who can save your case from unmitigated disaster. At the same time, he/she will offer the essential emotional support that your family needs. If chosen correctly, your lawyer can be the beacon of light in the dark world of a heinous crime like child abuse.

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