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The case of Gerry Conlon can send shivers down one's spine. He was one of the most wrongfully-convicted men in the world, along with three other men, who were falsely imprisoned for an Irish Republican Army bombing in England in 1974. They served 15 years for a crime they did not commit.

Being wrongfully accused can not only be shocking, but also downright scary, more so if the penalty is a harsh one.

No one wants to endure such suffering. If you find yourself or your loved one in a similar situation, it is best to consult a highly reputed and experienced criminal defense lawyer. However, most people believe that it is best to fight one's case oneself rather than hiring an attorney as that may end up costing a fortune.

If you are among those people, you may want to start thinking otherwise.

When pressed with criminal charges, panic may set in and the accused may lose his/her ability to think clearly and deal with the situation in the right manner. In the heat of the moment, you don't want to say anything that could be detrimental to your defense, or put your life in jeopardy. Having an experienced lawyer by your side is, therefore, imperative.

Here are a few prominent reasons that will help you understand the importance of hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

1) Acquiring an In-Depth Understanding of the Legal Procedure

Consulting a competent criminal defense lawyer is critical to gaining an insight into the various aspects related to the criminal procedure.

Also, there's a mountain of paperwork to deal with.

You cannot handle it all by yourself. Doing so will only end up infuriating you further and making things even more strenuous.

A lawyer will help you understand the following:

• The nature of the charges filed
• Available defenses
• Filing a plea bargain correctly
• Procuring the necessary evidence and statements to build the case
• Your legal rights
• Negotiating a deal
• Possible consequences in the event of conviction
• Figuring out a suitable sentencing program for your situation

Your lawyer can further help you identify loopholes and other minute details in the case, prepare a case of trial, bring appropriate motions that may work strongly in your favor, thereby improving your case. More importantly, he/she may help you in the dismissal of the charges filed against you.

2) Deal with the Accuser's Threats and Police Interrogations

If you're dealing with a criminal matter for the first time, chances are that the lack of legal know-how may result in you giving in to the demands of the accuser. This is just one of the many wrong things that can happen in the absence of a criminal defense lawyer.

You may miss a deadline for submitting a crucial document, break down during a trial, or commit a blunder during police interrogation.

An experienced attorney will do everything in his/her power to spare you the terrible consequences. He/she will meticulously go through the details of your case and help you with them in the best possible manner. The Internet can greatly aid you in finding a good lawyer in your area. For instance, if you're looking for a criminal defense lawyer in DuPage County, IL, you can enter DuPage County, IL criminal defense lawyer in the search engine. This will provide you with a list of relevant results.  

3) Negotiate with the Prosecutors

When you're fighting a criminal charge, a settlement or a plea bargain with the opponent may be the best option in certain cases. An attorney with substantial experience in handling pleas and settlements can guide you through the process, explain the procedures involved and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf.

Imagine that the only evidence that could have possibly saved you has been tampered with by the legal officials!

What a nightmare!

Most police officers and officials are honest. However, there are still a few criminal cases wherein unethical procedures are incorporated and evidence is destroyed and/or altered. A good defense attorney can protect you from unfair procedures, fabricated details in police reports, and exaggerated witness testimonies. An experienced lawyer will be better equipped to uncover the truth, track down records, and point out weak or contradictory statements, thereby strengthening your case.

4) Sue for Defamation

A false accusation can taint your reputation, and even turn your life upside down. Apart from sabotaging your career and relationships, it can cause immense financial stress.

If you've been falsely accused, you may have a claim for defamation. In a claim for defamation, be it libel or slander, you would have to show that a defendant's statement to a third party harmed your reputation and caused you damages.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you with this and may also be able to protect your rights and assess the options at your disposal.


Being charged for a crime you didn't commit can be unimaginably terrifying. A false accusation can throw an innocent person's life into shambles. Having the right criminal defense lawyer by your side will save you a world of trouble. He/she will help you understand the nuances of your case, the laws, and the arguments that will work in your favor. You don't want to admit to a crime that you didn't commit. Whether it's dealing with police interrogations or the legal formalities, an excellent criminal defense lawyer will leave no stone unturned to save you from unnecessary convictions or penalties, thereby protecting your rights, reputation, and assets in the process.

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