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We spend ample time worrying about road and air accidents. Though a lot of our leisure time and family vacations are spent close to water, we don’t really give water accidents or drowning incidents a thought. This nonchalant approach to the threat that bodies of water hold can cause a lot of accidents. This is also what makes everybody careless around them and causes harm to ourselves and others.

You will be surprised to know that for children under age 5, drowning is a leading cause of death. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that drowning surpasses traffic accidents when it comes to accidental death in these categories.

Though the death rates due to drowning have constantly been falling, we still have reasons to worry. First let us look at the causes behind drowning accidents.

> Alcohol Use and Consumption

Among adults alcohol use is one of the primary causes of drowning accidents. An intoxicated swimmer can cause much harm to himself and others. Alcohol consumption prior to swimming or after getting into the water often leads to tragic consequences.

Serving of alcoholic beverages or drugs to those who will be swimming, or providing access to a facility to swimmers under the influence of drugs or alcohol falls under liability claims and often ends with fatal accidents.

> Lack of Supervision

Supervision is necessary both for natural as well as man-made bodies of water. Lifeguards must always be available for help. The fatal injury and death rates increase dramatically in the absence of supervision. Commercial and public pools that do not have enough lifeguards are posing a threat to the lives of many swimmers. When a lifeguard is not present, sufficient warning must be given that no lifeguard is on duty.

Professional lifeguards are equipped to perform CPR correctly and know a large number of water safety measures that can save lives during an emergency situation. But supervision is not just restricted to professional lifeguards. Since the death rate due to drowning is very high for kids and young teenagers, it is important that they are accompanied by adults when they are visiting water bodies like lakes, pools, rivers, etc.

> Unrestricted Access

Most of us love water, and it is a lot of fun playing in the water. However, the warnings and safety nets associated with water bodies cannot be forgotten.

When property owners are aware that some problems exist in the security of the water bodies, they should be solved immediately, or put under restricted access.

Gate locks, fences, warning boards, and pool covers are different ways of restricting access to the dangerous area. If the property owner or responsible authority fails to do this and a mishap occurs, you can file a premise liability claim.

> Faulty Boat Drivers

It might surprise you, but a large number of drowning accidents happen because of faulty boat drivers. Intoxicated or untrained drivers not only risk their own lives and capsizing of the boat, but also put others’ lives in danger. Faulty boat drivers often lead to large numbers of drowning death cases. The figure rises a lot in the summer. Non-use of life jackets has also been linked to drowning accidents related to boat, yacht and canoes.

The Aftermath and Corrective Steps

> Immediate Legal Action

A growing number of drowning accidents are happening either due to the the negligence of lifeguards or due to the absence of adequate number of lifeguards.

A lifeguard is responsible for the protection and safety of swimmers. A lifeguard is not just supposed to help when an emergency arises, but should be able to predict the possibility of an injury before it occurs, and consequently prevent it.

When he or she is unable to do so, and you or your loved ones face a drowning accident or death for the same, it accounts for lifeguard negligence, and the individual or the property owner becomes liable to pay you full compensation.

Similarly, the owner of the facility becomes liable, and has to pay full compensation if he has not provided the required number of lifeguards.

In such cases, preservation of evidence is exceptionally important to determine whose fault it was. It may sound stoic, but if you are a victim of a drowning accident, make sure you take the necessary legal recourse in a timely manner. This will ensure that your right to full compensation is protected.

> Dealing With the Psychological Trauma

Facing a near drowning experience, or having lost a loved one to a drowning accident is traumatic. Our minds have strange ways of functioning. When we experience trauma at that level, it keeps replaying it all for us. Taking psychological counseling at that time becomes extremely important. The effect of these traumatic accidents may last for a lifetime. Being proactive, and seeking help at the right time can help immensely.

> Alerting Authorities About the Lapse in Safety

When you have faced the accident, you know how painful and difficult it is. Prevent someone else facing the same plight by alerting the necessary authorities about the lapse in safety.

While your drowning attorney will bring the matter into focus legally, and make sure the responsible party gives you full compensation, your alertness and activeness can prevent someone from facing near-drowning, brain damage, eyes and lung damage or even death.

To Conclude,

Water is tranquil, but it can also be fierce. You must take necessary precautions to ensure that you stay safe while having fun in the water. Stay away from all forms of alcohol and drugs when you are going to be in the water. If you become an accident victim in the water due to someone else’s fault, make sure you opt for legal counsel and receive your just compensation.

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