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Being falsely accused in a criminal activity is by itself extremely paralyzing. However if it is a sexual activity you are being falsely framed for, your life really takes a turn for the worse. Sexual crimes are such that more often than not the accused is assumed guilty, even much before the actual conviction. What do you do then? How do you stay sane and functioning, how do you prove your innocence. Here are a few guidelines on proving your innocence and integrity and keeping your life functioning during this tough period.

Running Away or Denial does not help

Any criminal charges of sexual nature cannot be taken lightly. While you know you are innocent, you will still need to prove so. So don’t shy away from talking to people, from telling them the truth about the story. Remember you are not publicizing yourself, but seeking strength and understanding in this moment of difficulty from people you love and trust. Not only will they be a shoulder of support, but also can serve as important character witnesses if ever you have to go to trial.

Another self-defense mechanism in such situations is denial. Often, the accused believes that he has nothing to be scared about and this case will go nowhere, and ends up making wrong decisions. Legal counsel is of utmost importance in such cases and you must consult an expert sex crimes attorney to guide you on what to do next.

Choosing the Right Attorney

While there will be a host of attorneys available to you, ensure you pick up the best suited for your case. An expert sex crimes attorney with experience in handling such cases is what you will need. Opt for a free consultation before you finalize on him and talk to his earlier clients as well (if you know any) regarding their experience. A good attorney will be your best bet in proving your innocence and will vigorously fight for you. There are many complications and entanglements in such cases and only a good lawyer, with his knowledge and expertise can detangle them, spot the loopholes and find ways to prove your innocence.

Besides, your lawyer will be of immense help in selecting the right jury for your trial if you have to go for one. Also, do not speak to any legal agencies, unless your lawyer is present as anything you say can be distorted and used against you.

Don’t be Passive

Being innocent is not enough. You have to work hard and play an active role in accumulating as much evidence as possible to prove that you are falsely accused. Prepare a list of reliable witnesses and video record, every statement they give in your favor. Ensure the picture and voice quality of these is good (so that there is no scope of a volte-face later). Talk to your lawyer, he can guide you on how best to approach these character witnesses, so that they elicit information that makes you appear in the good and true light.

Scientific proof and data holds great value so do spend on getting those scientific tests correct, blood samples etc. that provide concrete proof of your innocence.

Be alert and aware of not just things working in your favor, but also ones that could possibly work against you. This would include witnesses, exact detail of charges, what the accused is saying and what previous words or deeds of yours can possibly work against you now.

Do Not Make an Attempt to communicate with the Accuser

You may or may not know the motive behind the accusation. And while you may be tempted to confront the accuser who has put these life-transforming blames on you, resist the urge. Simply because any action of yours can be conveyed in a way that only aggravates the problem for you. I know of many falsely accused men, who rush to talk to their ex-wives, demand why they are putting such false allegations on him, try to talk to their child who is said to have been molested by him, but such actions have only brought more perils for them. Their anguish was called violent attempts and questions, uncalled aggression.
It only made the case stronger against the innocent. So try not to communicate with the accuser directly during the period of proceedings and if at all you do, always have witnesses and evidence to show what exactly was spoken between the two.

Be Careful, Move On

While we understand this is an extremely trying time for you, do keep your impulses and instincts in check. Even hugging a colleague too tight out of affection can be understood differently than in normal circumstances and may establish wrong characteristics about you.
The point is, you will need to be careful. You cannot break down or become too angry and aggressive. A stable head on your shoulders and a firm faith in your innocence and your lawyer’s ability will help you stay calm.

If you are sinking into depression or complete cynicism or mental paralysis, talk to your near and dear ones, seek psychological help and do not rush into anything, for your own safety. Let your life take its normal course, don’t stop doing things you loved doing earlier like watching your favorite show or going for a run.

It is heartbreaking but the truth is that false accusations are not rare. Revenge, financial benefits, sole custody of child during bitter divorces are often motives. But the one being falsely accused stands in the most vulnerable position. Doing all of the above mentioned and a deep-seated belief in one self is what can help them the most in their turbulent times.

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