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Criminal defense attorneys are essential when it comes to facing certain charges. It doesn't matter whether you are facing a DUI or a drug possession charge. You will require expert legal services to handle the issues of your case. These professionals have experience with these types of cases. They also understand the law and what is needed to build a proper defense. One of the first things you'll need to do is to secure legal representation. This will help you during the period of arrest, charges, the case and even conviction. The more help that you have in this area the more likely you'll have a positive result.

Denver is one place which is known for its criminal attorneys. In fact, it happens to be among the top few cities in the United States of America (USA), where one can avail high class services of such attorneys. Hiring a local criminal defense attorney can work in your favor. These attorneys take up various types of cases and one of them is DUI. DUI stands for Driving Under Influence. As this name suggests, it stands for a charge that is levied against you if you are caught driving after having consumed alcohol or drugs, beyond the legally permissible limit. This is a grave situation as you might run the risk of even losing your Driving License, in case the charges are proved.

Some people will be searching for a criminal attorney because they are facing drug charges. Across the United States, millions use marijuana and it is not uncommon for one to get caught because of this. Marijuana possession, for instance, can be either treated as felony or misdemeanor. The legal consequences depend on a person's criminal history and the intent behind possessing marijuana. If the person is involved in marijuana trafficking, the repercussions can be really severe. On the other hand, if you plan to possess and use marijuana for medical purposes, you might get away freely. Having proper legal representation is the best way to avoid unnecessary results or convictions.

The following are few reasons why it is imperative that you hire a qualified criminal attorney for DUI or drug charges:

Having Charges removed

One of the very basic reasons of hiring an attorney is that he/she will be able to get the charges repudiated. Therefore, neither would you be required to spend time in the jail, nor would you be burdened by those excessive fines. However, if you have actually committed the crime and there are clear evidences against you, in that case an expert DUI attorney can try to work around the case in a way that the charges are as minimal as possible. This would involve doing proper investigations into the details of your case, including initial charges.

Those facing drug charges will need a similar investigation. Depending on the part of the country they live in charges will vary for drug possession. Intent factors into this situations, as well. Possession, distribution and manufacturing always play a role in drug charges. The details of an arrest will prove to be very important. Results will be different in each of these cases. For example, if your marijuana possession case is treated as a misdemeanor, you can attract a fine a maximum of $ 2,000. Besides this, your license could be revoked for about 90 days. You could also end up being in jail for one year.

Errors in Charges

An FBI study showed that 1.2 million drivers arrested in 2011 were under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. At the time of an arrest, there are various mistakes that the police might commit. Given that the arrest happens impromptu, the chances of such errors are high. If you have hired a tactful attorney, they would know the exact areas where the mistakes might happen. Your defense attorney will be able to identify these mistakes. Such errors will strengthen your case, and escalate your chances of having a softer judgment against you. Moreover, there are times when the police officer's car's dashboard camera might have also captured some footage of the time of arrest. An intelligent attorney can be expected to go through the entire footage and bring out points that can strengthen your case.

Cases involving drugs can have errors, as well. The more details available about these cases the better. This information helps your attorney to protect you. If the marijuana possession in your case is treated as a felony, the consequences can be more severe. The fines increase up to $ 5,000 and imprisonment up to one year. If you are driving and are caught with marijuana, expect the punishments to go up considerably. You will certainly need a thorough legal defense on your side.

Using Experience in your Defense

The experience of your criminal defense team will prove essential to your case. This is true for those facing a DUI or drug possession. Defense attorneys have taken up numerous cases in the past like these. Your history will play a role in your own defense. Those without any previous trouble will experience lighter sentences in most cases. Repeat offenders; however, tend to face more severe convictions. This is the case for both DUI and drug possession.

The severity of the sentence also depends on the quantity of drugs or marijuana you are possessing. For instance, if you possess less than 50 kg of marijuana and your intention is to sell it, the fine can drastically shoot up to $ 250, 000 and 5 years of imprisonment. Hiring an experienced attorney is the only way that you can address these charges. This type of representation will help you to get the best possible result in your case. They will work to build a defense that benefits you and your future.

Most law firms offer a free consultation to prospective clients. As you search for a qualified criminal defense attorney, you should take advantage of these consultations. This is the time for you to learn more about the law as it relates to your charges. It is also a time to ask the questions that you need to about your case. Many of those accused end up hiring the attorney that they meet with. This is an efficient way to get representation and to begin putting a defense together.


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