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Head-on accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in US. Though their numbers are few, but head-on collisions account for a high number of fatalities. About 83 % of the head-on collisions occur in rural areas typically on undivided two lanes. As a result of these accidents, many people get severe & traumatic brain injuries while some even die. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from some deadly collisions.

Anticipating the trouble

If you find a crash is imminent, turn your car even if it means going off the road. However, be careful for other vehicles coming from behind. Never lock the brakes by slamming them. Try and be extra cautious when avoiding the collision. Your vehicle should not roll-over or skid. Find spaces that are open and head on towards bushes. If you have to hit a thing, let it be sideways because sideswipe is always safer than a head-on collision. Besides this, if you have some room, try and warn the other driver by honking horn and flashing lights. Drive to the right and never go to the left lane.

Be alert

Staying vigilant when driving is one of the best ways to protect yourself from catastrophic accidents. If you find a vehicle coming from an opposite end on an undivided lane, practice defensive driving. Never speed up your car in such cases, it might end up in a deadly car crash. However, you must be quick enough to avoid a collision if you find the other vehicle is finding it difficult to maneuver because of traffic or other reason. Be as far as possible from the opposite vehicle.

Don’t panic

Most of the people fail to remain calm when a head-on collision is about to happen. They become anxious and make the wrong move only to make the accident more catastrophic. Stay calm and try to look out for options to avoid the collision. Be extremely careful of the steering and brakes inputs. Find out the best way to avoid an accident or if collision has to happen, try and minimize the damage.

Be careful with brakes & steering

A lot depends on the kind of braking system you have in your car. For instance, if there is a no anti-lock brake system; keep pumping the brakes to have complete control over the vehicle. Don’t slam the brakes because the car can skid. Another thing to keep in mind is you will not be able to steer the car in case of locked brakes. In this situation, you will have to press firmly and then release them. In case you get a feeling the car will skid, don’t forget to release the brakes before steering. Never pump the brakes in cars with anti-lock brakes. The ABS Computer thumps them faster and you will experience a vibration when it happens. Just apply the brakes normally. Next, if you are in a pick-up truck and foresee a collision, use the steering smoothly. Jerky motions may lead your vehicle to skid.
Sometimes, it’s not possible for any of the drivers to avoid a head-on collision. When it does happen, try and shut the engine off to avoid maximum damage. Most importantly, if you are in a conscious state, regain your senses and don’t forget to call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, if that’s the place of your accident.

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