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  • FATHIMA KHANOct 09 2012, 05:01 AM
    My name is fathima khan from India and i have completed BA.BL in the year 2011 got enrolled in bar council of Andhra pradesh .i practice parda, in fact i completed law with the veil.Sir my question is that i want to practice in the court .am very much interested in practice can i practice in the court with the veil(cover my face) is there any rule or regulation that one cannot practice in the court with the veil if so please give me the details.Sir i cannot stop wearing my veil and i want to practice law with it and why can't i ? India is a secular country and every one has there own rights to practice there religion unless and until it harms or hurts any body's feelings or life. what is wrong in practicing one's religion i tried to get an answer for my problems i asked many senior lawyers but in no vain nobody accepted me to practice .please sir/ma'em i will be thankful to u if u advice me n help me out.waiting for your advise.

    Thank you

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