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Welcome to PAK (KARACHI / LAHORE / ISLAMABAD) & UAE LAWFUL MANAGEMENT ONLINE (SINCE—1992); we are a community of “Barristers, Senior Advocates, Long Standing Counsels, Professional Solicitors, Polished Attorneys @ Law, Corporate Counsellors, Lawful Debts Lawyers, Property Registration Consultants and Notaries” working under the Supervision of M/s Manzoor Ali Khan & Co (MAK & CO) Advocates and Legal Consultants; Pakistan & UAE.

We provide a wide range of activities meeting the needs of the legal market. Our areas of Principled Advice, Practical Solutions & Practices in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Gulf Regions includes:
• Traffic Law
• Family Law
• Labour Law
• Tenancy Law
• Aviation Law
• Property Law
• Taxation Law
• Contract Law
• Business Law
• Corporate Law
• Insurance Law
• Arbitration Law
• Inheritance Law
• Conveyance Law
• Environmental Laws
• Banking / Finance Law
• Criminal Litigation Law
• Service / Employment Law
• Commercial Companies Law
• Shipping Law & Cargo Claims
• Reviewing & Drafting of Legal Documents

However, the list is far from static PAKISTAN & UAE LAWFUL MANAGEMENT is constantly developing its areas of practice to meet client needs and developments in the business world like:
* International Trade
* Foreign Investment
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* E—Commerce & Internet
* Insurance & Reinsurance
* Dairy and Agriculture law
* Construction & Engineering
* Intellectual Property & Media
* Human Capital Services & Industrial Relations
* Criminal litigation (especially for Corporate Clients or their Managers)

Professional Affiliations, Outreaches, Collaborations and Referral Services for Pakistan, United Arab Emirates & Gulf Regions. Groups, Associations and Clienteles Corporate Sectors:
* Oil & Gas
* Trading
* Commodities
* Industry
* Industry
* Material
* Press

Debts Collection:
“Debts collection is a roaring business; meet the people who hunt down Millions of Dirham’s of unpaid bills in the entire UAE, Gulf Countries (GCC) & Middle East”.

Our Interests:
PAKISTAN & UAE LAWFUL MANAGEMENT is a leader in the profession with regard to advanced technology, and we are committed to using these tools to provide added value to our clients. The firm is soon launching a comprehensive program to enhance our use of system that improves efficiency and client service. As part of this program, we are creating a web based access to our clients for their cases updates through secure login. The Firm in this position is dedicated to enhancing client relationships through technology solution.

We are a unique alternative to the traditional law firm in Pakistan, UAE & Gulf Regions for a more self—directed practices and we wish you luck with your Endeavour’s; you're awesome for Joining us.

However, whenever, wherever & for forever you are more than welcome for any assistance please doesn’t hesitate to contact because we teach people what we most need to learn.

So enough is said & done, thank you but no thanks we must avail regular chit—chats with additional options & re—engineer passion, intimacy, commitment & knowledge.

Let’s come join hands with PAKISTAN & UAE LAWFUL MANAGEMENT to expand the practice in Association with other esteemed Law firms in the entire UAE & GCC Countries (Gulf Cooperation Council).

(Advocate, Corporate Counsellor, Legal Coordinator &
Lawful Interventionist @ M/s Manzoor Ali Khan & Co.,
Advocates & Legal Consultants; Pakistan & UAE Since—1992)
[email protected]
+92(0)3332244634 / 3002176393. (KARACHI / LAHORE / ISLAMABAD & UAE)


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PAK (KHI / LHR / ISB) and UAE Lawyers


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