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Saint Thomas University - LL.M Student Group
Connect and communicate with other Law Students of Miami's Saint Thomas...
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University of Amsterdam LLM 2008/2009

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Arbitration Lawyer Group
All Lawyers from different jurisdictions handling International and domestic...
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Six Trending Practice Areas in the Field of Law
The market for legal jobs may be getting better, but shaping a legal career...
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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor LL.M

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Bucerius Law School Class of 2012
Bucerius Law School - Hochschule für Rechtswissenschaft
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A group for lawyers working on projects (energy, infrastructures, etc.)
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How Reliable Are DUI Tests?
Virtually everyone acknowledges that drunk driving is a problem these days....
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Why You Should Hire The Services Of DUI Lawyers When Convicted
A DUI lawyer is a must to have around when you are arrested and charged for...
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Tulane Law School Class of 2012

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LL.M Scholar for 2008
Securing both academic admission and sholarship for the 2008/09 postgraduate...
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Food Regulatory - Indian Scenario
Food items containing genetically modified organisms (GMO's) require specific...
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9 Legal Considerations When Starting a Business
If you’re about to launch your new business, you will have already developed...
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University of Southern California Online LL.M.
The University of Southern California is proud to announce the launch of the...
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Bankruptcy DIscussion
This group was created by <a...
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California Western - LL.M. Student Group
Join the LL.M. Student Group of San Diego's oldest law school.
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5 Times You Are Definitely Facing Medical Malpractice
Medical negligence cases are always tricky waters. You know something is...
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Lawyers in Xing
Any lawyers on Xing can join this community.
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Key Things to Know about Personal Injury Law
<img height=300px; width=550px;...
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Tax Professionals
Nothing is certain in this world but Death & TAXES
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