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Tax Consultants

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CRM Saas
Easy to Use CRM| B2B CRM Application | CRM SaaS – Sales CRM: To improve...
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law school graduates looking for job/ traineeship abroad
This group is for those, who are in the same situation like me...we´ re...
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Making Your Marriage Last: Top 6 Tips to Prevent Divorce
<img alt=""...
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7 Things to Do If You Sustain an Injury at Workplace
Injuries and disabilities sustained due to your nature of work can have a...
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Changes to the legal sector
How the legal industry is evolving.
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China Legal Recruitment
First online legal recruitment based in Asia Pacific that is Asia focus in...
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How to Handle Breach of Contract?
Partnerships and contracts are agreed upon for the benefit of the involved...
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Lawyers on biznik
Any lawyers on Biznik can join this group.
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Teenage Drinking and Driving – A Deadly Mix
A 17 seventeen year old student from Torrey Pines High School killed one of...
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Hiring a New Immigrant: Advantages and Risks for Small Business
Finding the employees you need to build your business can be a challenge. Not...
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Discuss WTO issues specially technical barriers to trade and protective measures
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How Much is My California Lemon Car Worth to Me?
Cars are complicated; and given the high price tags of their spare parts, any...
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Medical Devices regulatory

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Legal Help in Pakistan
If u need a legal help, pls do not hesitate ! We are having a legal Firm...
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Valparaiso University School of Law
The Valparaiso University School of Law is located on the campus of...
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College of Europe Student Group

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Reformers Group of Lawyers

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California Western - LL.M. Student Group
Join the LL.M. Student Group of San Diego's oldest law school.
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Penn State University Class of 2012
"Making life better." -- The Pennsylvania State University - Dickinson School...
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