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Suffered a Personal Injury? Here's What To Do Next
Each year over three million people are injured due to accidents in public...
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LLM Student Group - Europa-Institut, Universität des Saarlandes

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Workplace Injury? Will You Opt for Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury Claim?
We would like to believe that workers’ compensation benefits will take care...
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Discuss WTO issues specially technical barriers to trade and protective measures
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What You Need to Know about Nevada Battery Domestic Violence
<img height=450px; width=600px;...
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Intellectual Property Rights lawyers/Attorneys
Welcome to the Group of IPR Lawyers and share your experience.
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How Reliable Are DUI Tests?
Virtually everyone acknowledges that drunk driving is a problem these days....
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optical retailers which usually carry out Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses
It is extremely difficult to get elegant <a...
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Penn Law LLM Class of 2011
Group for students admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, LLM 2010-2011
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Dubai Lawyers' Club
The Law Club intends to promote social interaction and tolerant discussion of...
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Southwestern Law School LLM Students

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Law Career
Tips and advice for law graduates
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Russian Lawyers
General group for Russian and Russian-speaking lawyers.
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UPenn LLM Class '09

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University of Amsterdam LLM 2011-12
A group for all students attending one of the several LLM programmes at the...
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All Lawyrs users from Canada
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Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, Karnataka, India
Vaikunta Baliga College of Law was established in the year 1957. The college...
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Three Powerful Sexual Assault Defense Strategies and Arguments
Being charged with sexual assault can be as overwhelming as it is scary,...
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Oxford BCL/MJur Student Group

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Karnatak State Law University, Hubli
A Law University having 92 Law Colleges under its jurisdiction in Karnataka,...
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