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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam - LLM Program

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What You Need to Know about Nevada Battery Domestic Violence
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Lawyers on biznik
Any lawyers on Biznik can join this group.
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Delhi Lawyers
our group welcomes to every lawyer,attorney or advocate in our group.share...
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Five Things to Know About Domestic Violence and How to Stop it
Domestic violence against women is a crime that shows no signs of abating....
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Mistakes to Avoid When Settling a Spinal Injury Lawsuit
Around 12,500 cases of spinal injury cases are reported in the U.S. every...
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Lund LLM

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Elder Abuse and Neglect - A Rising Concern That Needs to be Addressed Right Now
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King's College London - LLM Group

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Berliner auf
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Cyber/Internet Laws
This is a community to discuss about the emerging Cyber technology and laws...
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George Washington Law School - Class of 2010

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University of Chicago - LLM

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Immigration Law, Company Law, Tax Law
All about company, immigration and tax related issues.
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Russian Lawyers
General group for Russian and Russian-speaking lawyers.
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LLM at Sydney Law School
Who is going to Sydney? Join this group!
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Doing Business in Russia
Russia is one of the key participants of the international relationship....
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In-House Lawyers
A group for in-house lawyers to share ideas and experiences.
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Are Young People Committing More Crime Today Than Ever Before?
Crime and age have been discussed since time immemorial. It’s said that...
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Southwestern Law School LLM Students

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