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IE Law School - Student Group

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UConn Law Class of 2012

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Law Firm Networking
A place where lawyers can exchange their ideas and knowledge to strengthen...
163 23
American University Washington College of Law LLM 2010-2011
Group for the Class of 2011
8 0
How to Avoid the Custody and Alimony Tug of War
<img src="" title="Alimony Tug of War" />...
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What Are Your Options: Bankruptcy Lawyers Assist You
For many decades, bankruptcy has been seen as something extremely negative...
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In-House Lawyers
A group for in-house lawyers to share ideas and experiences.
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Oxford Alumni
This group is for alumni of Oxford University
14 1
Marketing de Abogados (Marketing by Lawyers)
Marketing de Abogados es un espacio para compartir experiencias de...
6 1
Melbourne Law School
Hi.. I have created this group for all LLM students at the University of...
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Law Firm Associates
Group for associates in international firms
61 6
Information Technology
Information technology for law firms and legal departments gets more complex...
32 0
Coaching for Law Pros
A group for those who are interested in the benefits of coaching
13 18
USC Law School
University of Southern California LLM Group
51 0
For students, faculty, and alumni of University of Western Ontario's law program
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How Frequently Do Violent Crimes Happen in the Military?
Violent crimes in the military have significant legal and financial...
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Labour law

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A group for lawyers who are mediators or are interested in mediation as a...
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4 4
Seven Traits of a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer
Every law firm these days is offering the ‘no-win-no-fee’ option, and every...
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