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The Legal Minds
The Legal Minds is presure group to address the high handedness of...
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Utrecht University - LLM 2010-2011

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London School of Economics (LSE) Student Group

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Everything You Need to Know About Personal Injury Claims
<i>Amy was injured while reversing her car in the parking lot when someone...
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How Do Long-Term Care Facilities Manage Patient Fall Injuries?
There is a lot of literature and guidance for large and small businesses...
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American University LLM 2011-2012
This group is for LLM students who are joining AU in 2011.
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European competition law
A group for lawyers active or interested in european competition law.
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University of São Paulo (USP) Law School
University of São Paulo (USP) Law School Alumni, Faculty members and...
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What You Need to Know about Nevada Battery Domestic Violence
<img height=450px; width=600px;...
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Easy Ways to prevent Personal Injury at Workplace and your Rights
<img src="" title="Be Safe" /> A person's...
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Cornell Law School - Class of 2010

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Europa-Institut LLM Class of 2012
Universität des Saarlandes - Master of European Law
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Superior Lawyers Forum
Superior Lawyers Forum is founded by old students of Superior Law College,...
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law school graduates looking for job/ traineeship abroad
This group is for those, who are in the same situation like me...we´ re...
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What to Remember When Suing for a Wrongful Death
When someone loses their life due to the negligence of another, the surviving...
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University of Miami School of Law - Student Group
Group for the Law Students of the UM Law School. Connect with other LL.M...
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What You Need to Know About Car Accident Liability
<img src="" alt="" width="450" height="300"...
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5 Things Businesses Need to Know to Avoid Negligent Security Lawsuits
If you are accused in a negligent security lawsuit, it can result in...
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Law Career
Tips and advice for law graduates
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Italian/English (or Spanish) translator
Hello all, I need some help to translate some interesting articles that were...
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