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UPenn LLM Class '09

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Free University Berlin
Current and aspiring law students of Free University Berlin
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Swiss Lawyers

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Foreign Law Firms in India
Now the India legal market is partly for Foreign Law Firms. According to...
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Know the Answers to Six Commonly Asked Questions About Child Custody
Getting a divorce may not always be a preferable choice for married couples;...
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ILF Institute for Law and Finance
Group for students at the Institute for Law and Finance, Frankfurt
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A group to join those interested in Brazilian legal system
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Why It Is Important to Delegate Legal Guardianship for Children
Life is busy, and frequently parents are overwhelmed with many priorities of...
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The Lawyers & Jurists
The formation of the ‘Lawyers & Jurists’ led by the Head of Chamber Mr. A.M....
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law school graduates looking for job/ traineeship abroad
This group is for those, who are in the same situation like me...we´ re...
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University of São Paulo (USP) Law School
University of São Paulo (USP) Law School Alumni, Faculty members and...
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Grupo destinado aos profissionais atuantes na área tributária.
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A group for lawyers who are mediators or are interested in mediation as a...
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5 Essential Tips to Help You Deal with Discrimination at the Workplace
Acts of employment discrimination and harassment are illegal and punishable...
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All Lawyrs users who blog
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Sexual Assault and the United States Military: A Crime Against Both Genders
The men and women who protect our country and defend the freedom and safety...
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All Lawyrs users from Canada
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5 Things Businesses Need to Know to Avoid Negligent Security Lawsuits
If you are accused in a negligent security lawsuit, it can result in...
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Italian/English (or Spanish) translator
Hello all, I need some help to translate some interesting articles that were...
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Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Alternate remedies are faster and a better way forward than traditional...
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