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Wage Garnishment – Does Bankruptcy Really Help?
One morning you get up and suddenly realize your wages are being garnished...
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Online Marketing for Lawyers ?
Potential clients search the web every second of every day looking for a...
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Edinburgh LLM 2008/2009
Law students at Edinburgh University
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Georgetown LLM

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Airport Transfers
Private Airport Transfers Airport Transfer is offering transfers from <a...
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Pakistani Lawyers
This group is created to facilitate correspondance among Paki Lawyers
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law school graduates looking for job/ traineeship abroad
This group is for those, who are in the same situation like me...we´ re...
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Maastricht University LLM
Group for LLM students at Maastricht University
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This is an attempt to discuss the fallout of the new " QLTT- QLTR regime by...
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Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In New Jersey
When you’ve been involved in an accident and you’re ready to sue, the next...
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Tulane Law School - LLM Students
Law School of Tulane University, New Orleans. Get in contact with other LLM...
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Ecole de droit de la Sorbonne
A group for Sorbonne Law School Alumni
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Medical Devices regulatory

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LinkedIn Lawyrs
A group for all members of who are also LinkedIn members.
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Six Tips for Selecting a Child Abuse Lawyer That You Can't Afford to Miss
There's no doubt that child abuse cases are the most emotionally and...
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University of Glasgow

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Prepare Well for Criminal Defense Cases - Various Drug Charge Issues to Consider
Although drug charges are some of the most heard of crimes, they are not cut...
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Lawyr's Club.

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Corporate Law Department Administration
A group for current or former in-house lawyers and those interested in...
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University of Virginia School of Law
Group for LLM students at UVA
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