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Law Firm Networking
A place where lawyers can exchange their ideas and knowledge to strengthen...
162 23
Université Paris Dauphine
A group for Dauphine alumni
3 0
Tamil Lawyers
Lawyers who know Tamil can join this group
4 0
Somos uma rede de escritórios de advocacia empresarial localizada no Brasil,...
5 0
Offshore Legal Circle
A group for practitioners interested in developments in jurisdictions deemed...
8 2
University of Amsterdam LLM 2010-2011
Group for admitted LLM students.
18 11
Foreign Law Firms in India
Now the India legal market is partly for Foreign Law Firms. According to...
8 4
Blawyer (blogger + lawyer) es un blog sobre derecho y nuevas tecnologías, y...
5 0
St. John’'s LLM
St. John's University School of Law in Queens, New York City
2 0
Brazilian Lawyers Network
Grupo destinado a aproximar os advogados brasileiros e facilitar futuros...
43 0
Maastricht University LLM
Group for LLM students at Maastricht University
24 8
Group for LLM students admitted to NUS in Singapore
81 33
International Business Law @ NUS Class of 2009 in Singapore and Shanghai
A group for everybody admitted to the International Business Law LL.M...
31 17
NSU Sheperd Broad Law Center - LLM Student Group
Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center, LLM Student Group
3 0
California Western - LL.M. Student Group
Join the LL.M. Student Group of San Diego's oldest law school.
3 0
Real Estate Investment in India - a rising graph
There has been a tremendous growth in the sector. A lot of development is...
3 0
Real Time Java projects
Master in Java programming, development and other tools for creating...
0 0
Italian lawyers

27 0
Türk Avukatlar
3 0
Edinburgh LLM 2009/2010
LLM Class of 2010
6 0